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USB Drives
| Product # 82181-4
It's so smart, we named it the Intelligent Stick! Our newest USB drive, the I-Stick, with its unprecedented speed and small size, heralds the next generation of portable, rewriteable storage device. The I-Stick even takes portability to the next level by including a FREE "credit card" holder. Just slide the I-Stick into the holder, slip it into your wallet, safe and secure-and you're ready to go! If you travel, you won't want to be without at least one of these ingenious devices.
| Product # 82151-6
It's a pen! It's a USB flash drive! It's an LED light! It's our super Pen Drive! The only pen with a built-in USB drive and LED illumination light. It writes! It lights! And it stores and transfers up to 512 MB of files, photos, MP3's and more. The USB drive is discreetly concealed at the end of the ultra-stylish, silver and chrome pen. And the convenient LED illumination is there to provide travelers! All you need is the pen, uploaded with your files, and you're ready to go to work, anywhere!
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