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Trade Affiliates
Our Trade Affiliates are:
Wima was formed in 1943 to promote the overall interest of the writing instrument industry in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Pointe International is a member of this association to keep well informed on issues as well as new technology and innovation, which affect the industry and individual companies.

was created for the purpose of promoting the advancement of the school, home office, and office products industry. Pointe International strives to create quality and a higher brand of products for serving these industries.

Through promotional programs, and educational trade events, the NSSEA provides tools and materials to support teachers in their classrooms. Pointe International offers fresh and innovative educational supplies and equipment to teachers, parents, and children.

Advertising Specialty Institute aids members like Pointe International to connect with thousands of promotional product distributors. POINTE INTERNATIONAL asi/78823
PLMA Group is a unique and innovative way for manufacturers like Pointe International and wholesale buyers to meet. Built on 20 years of experience in private labels in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, PLMA Global has opened the door for Pointe Writing Co. to produce brand name products for distributors.

The National Association of College Stores serves and supports higher education retailers. NAC helps Pointe International facilitate strategic partnerships that enables them to better serve their campus book store.